Have you ever ‘mapped out’ your faith journey?

You probably have—at least a little. In fact, for many of us, it’s what we might call our “testimony”—the testament of life-changing work God has done (or is doing) in your life.

Mapping out your faith journey is taking the time to write out the catalytic events that brought about a change in your life. They’re the defining moments that shaped you.

The truth is… if you consider each of these events there is probably a face & name attached to that moment. I’ve got those.

Like the time Mrs. Searcy told me that my eyes were beautiful, especially when I smiled. As an uncertain six-year-old with buck-teeth, that gave me the confidence to smile more.

Or when Mrs. Cooper knelt next to my desk in History class and told me she saw more in me than I saw in myself. My 4th grade heart wanted to believe she was right, but my 4th grade mind couldn’t digest it. Yet, her words never left me.

Or when Tristie shared John 10:10 with my parched 17-year-old spirit and I realized for the first time that the quasi-Christian life I was living wasn’t the Life He offers me.

Each of these (and many more) were defining moments in my life when I chose to let go of a lie and believed the truth. Each one has a face & a name attached to it. And these faces & names are forever etched in my mind.

These people catalyzed turning points in my faith journey each of which have drawn me closer toward the person God created me to be and the life He created me to live.

The funny thing about these moments is how less-than memorable they are for the other people. I mean, I was one of many of 1st graders Mrs. Searcy saw in her Sunday school class each week. I was one of thousands of 4th grade students across Mrs. Cooper’s teaching career. And I was just another high school kid Tristie invested in as a college student. I wasn’t memorable to them. But they are memorable to me.

I was one of many insignificant moments in their lives as they simply spoke the truth as they saw it. Yet they have no idea the depth of the truth they chose to sew. They have no idea how God watered the seed and flourished that truth in my life. They have no idea how their words took root and became the catalyst of change that drew me deeper in my faith.

We simply do not know what God will do with the words we speak into the hearts of our few. But we can be confident that God will take these insignificant moments and fill them with His significance.

Consider a defining moment in your life. Whose face do you see?
Would you love to make that kind of impression in the hearts of your few?

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Gina is the Children’s Pastor at Faith Promise Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. Gina is driven by the idea of equipping, encouraging & empowering parents for the journey of teaching their kids to love and be loved by Jesus. Based upon her experience as a mom, she identifies with the everyday challenges of parenting. Gina and her husband, Kyle, have three kids, Keegan, Josie and Connor.

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