About Us

This blog is for anyone passionate enough to take on the early Sunday mornings, the late, late Friday nights, the sugar highs and emotional lows, the sticky hugs and the difficult phone calls for the purpose of positively leading and influencing the next generation one small group at a time.

From pampers to pimples, every age group comes with unique joys and challenges which is why we have separated our blog into three age groups so you can better access the information most suited for you and the few you are influencing.

We also know that within each age group, every individual small group is unique. So, we set out to create a place you can hear from a diverse team of family ministry staff, veteran small group leaders and dedicated volunteers with years of experience doing just what you do. We have spent months searching high and low, from local coffee shops to churches across the nation to find the very best Coaches and Small Group Leaders this country has to offer and have invited them to share their collective wisdom, experience and wit with you!

So join the conversation! Tell us your funny stories. Ask us your toughest questions. Share your moments of powerful life-change. And together we can create a community of individuals dedicated to making a BIG difference in the next generation by leading SMALL.

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