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10 Perks of Being a Small Group Leader

If you’ve been a small group leader for more than five seconds, you know that, sometimes, leading a small group of kids or teenagers can be… well, a challenge. You signed up to be a small group leader, but some days it feels like your title should actually be something like…

Chaos Manager
Professional “Shhhh”-er
Snack Dispenser
Crisis Counselor
Full-Time Group Text Responder


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The Bigger Picture

Serving is the most powerful tool we can use to help our few see the bigger picture of the Church. Kids favorite thing to talk about is themselves. You will hear them tell stories about how good they are at sports or they will want you to see how high they can jump or how fast they can run! It is our job as an

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Be the Change

In case you didn’t notice: FALL IS HERE! This is my favorite time of year because change creates a symphony for the senses. The temperature is cooler on our faces, the visuals are a stunning masterpiece painted by our great Creator, and the smell of crackling fires perfume the fall air.

I often stop to gaze at a tree, wondering how God has programmed it

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