You Might Be a Kids SGL if...

Between the ages of 5 and 12, you learn and change a lot. You might see your few learn to read or lose their first tooth or style their hair themselves. The best part of this phase . . . they are hilarious.

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You Might Be a High School GUYS SGL if...

When you volunteered to be a small group leader for a group of teenage guys, you had no idea what a brave move that really would be. I’ve rounded up a few examples (but please, add more!) that might indicate that you are one of those brave SGLs.

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You Might Be a Middle School SGL if...

Middle school is a unique time in the life of a student. It’s also a unique time in the life of their small group leader.

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Three Years Old and Capable

Preschoolers are amazing. Their faith is simple, and they are so much more capable than we usually take the time to realize.

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Calming the Chaos

Calming the Chaos

There is no doubt that we have all experienced the chaos of herding preschoolers during small group time (although it really can feel like herding cats). Stop throwing! Let’s sit down for rug time! Spit out that play-dough! As small group leaders, in the midst of the...

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