Kids These Days

If you haven’t said it yourself, then you’ve probably overheard someone say it in your presence. It’s usually said in a cranky tone and followed by the phrase “when I was a kid.” Sure, the world has changed a lot in the past several decades, but the reality is that kids these days have a whole lot going for them too.

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Five Tips to Great Conversation with Middle Schoolers

I’m confident that you can lead a great conversation within your group. Here are five tips that will help you to lead great conversations…
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You Might Be a High School GUYS SGL if...

When you volunteered to be a small group leader for a group of teenage guys, you had no idea what a brave move that really would be. I’ve rounded up a few examples (but please, add more!) that might indicate that you are one of those brave SGLs.

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You Might Be a Middle School SGL if...

Middle school is a unique time in the life of a student. It’s also a unique time in the life of their small group leader.

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