Simple Faith. Simple Wonder.

“For the most part, young children simply trust you because you are older. And trust
is important if you are going to help your few clarify their faith. But the truth
is, every year a child grows older, that trust is harder to earn. It’s like they
start to hold back. Filter. Become more…Grown Up.” – Reggie Joiner

Preschool ministry and preschool small groups compare

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Shedding Light

I love light.

In the evening, as the sun sets, I walk around my house and turn on a few lights and lamps.

I've never been a fan of dark. Maybe it's some childhood heebie-jeebies lingering from my past.

I remember feeling like the biggest chicken as a kid when I visited my grandparents. When bedtime rolled around, I had to make the dreaded trip

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Gossip, iPhones, and Other Distractions

I have little recollection of what my small group girls looked like in 7th grade. However, I can describe their phone cases in detail, since that is what I predominantly saw when looking at their faces that year.

It seems like 7th grade girls have a need for distraction, and one of their best tactics to accomplish this is gossip. This completely shocked me because

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