I See a Generation

Think with the end in mind.

Such a valuable part of leading small with our few, but it can be elusive sometimes when you are living in preschool world! There are Sundays where it’s hard to see beyond that gentle, quiet Harper, who has many things that happened in her world this week, but Annie won’t be quiet long enough for her to share. Or

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Be an Owner, Not a Renter

Last Sunday I walked through a room filled with elementary small groups. If you were standing next to me scanning the room you'd see a variety of SGLs leading their few. Some men. Some women. Some younger. Some older. Some are navigating the high-school adventure. Others are enjoying their college years. While others are parents with kids of their own.

Their life stages vary. But their

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Turn In Your Burn Book

I’m one of those crazy adults who really enjoy hanging out with middle and high school students. Since you are reading this post, my guess is you are too. Which means you know how much your heart hurts when you see a student being teased or made to feel less than. We can’t always – okay, we almost never can – provide answers for why

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